About Juno



Juno Rosenhaus is a portrait and documentary photographer, andro-queer feminist, anti-racist/anti-fascist activist, and drummer. Juno’s work explores issues of self-perception, feminist identities, and local communities through photographic portraiture and associated tendencies. Juno resides on occupied Lenape land (Philadelphia, PA) and looks to connect and collaborate with queer and feminist artists around the world.

Juno's agency, Queer [as fuck] Artists Social Media (QASM), supports queer and not-so-queer authors, musicians, visual artists, social change organizations, and others with website creation, photography, social media, and event management.



“Mendocino Reflection”, Lavender Review: Lesbian Poetry & Art, December 2018

"Can Your Body Be Reprogrammed To Control HIV?", Positively Aware, Summer, 2018 (PDF)

The Pox Lover: An Activist’s Decade in New York and Paris, by Anne-christine d’Adesky, July, 2017

Remembering Journalists Who Covered AIDS“, POZ Magazine, June 30, 2017

LGBT Health Advocates Fear Backlash Under Trump“, KQED, Future of You, November, 2016


LGBTQ Family Portraits, Oakland LGBTQ Center, October & November, 2017

ImageBound Book & Exhibit, Mother O’ Mine (M.O.M.), JackKnife Gallery, Oakland, August, 2017


The Intimate Portrait Workshop with Jess T. Dugan, Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, MA, July 2019

THAW Residency, Betonest, Stolpe/Oder, Germany, April/May 2019